Red Hawk Homeowners Association
Board of Directors Executive and Regular Meetings

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Village Inn Restaurant, Castle Rock

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ATTENDEES:  Directors Jim Young, President; Ralph Jollensten, Vice President; Lisa Goodwin, Secretary; Walt Figel, Treasurer. Dave Littler, Property Manager, Peak to Peak Property Management.


EXCUSED:  Don Van Dyken, Member at Large; Debra Pearson, Architectural Committee Chair

MEETING AGENDA:  See attached.

EXECUTIVE SESSION:  The Board of Directors did not meet in Executive Session in February.


The general meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm


Resident Warren Lubliner was present before the Board to discuss the issue of privacy fencing.  The Board informed Mr. Lubliner that privacy fencing is not allowed.  Mr. Lubliner asked the Board about the status of his account.  The Board informed Mr. Lubliner that the issue is currently with the Attorney and the Board cannot discuss the status at the Board meeting.



Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board unanimously approved the February minutes as presented. 

Director Goodwin abstained due to not having been present at the February Board meeting.

IV.  FINANCIAL REPORT: February 2017

Mr. Littler presented the February 2017 financial report. 

  1. The A/R is as of 2/28/17
  2. Pre paid assessments have been separated out.
  3. $18,900 were transferred to the reserve account.
  4. Landscaping expense was primarily snow removal and winter watering.  The account is slightly over budget but it is a timing issue.


Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board approved the February 2017 Financial report as presented.

Management Report Discussion

Mr. Littler reported

  1. During a drive through a courtesy letter was sent to a Homeowner on Switch Grass that left a large sink and countertop out at the curb that the trash service did not pick up or know to pick up.
  2. Another homeowner reported that Haul-Away would not pick up construction materials that were put out for pick up.  We contract for "household" trash only.  We should notify the community in our next newsletter that only household trash will be picked up,  and no electronics.  The contact at Haul-Away contacted the homeowner to discuss/explain.
  3. Mr. Littler has been working with Director Figel on reconciling the A/R for the community.
  4. We have contracted with Ryan Lee, Lee Accounting, for a complete audit that he is working on now.
  5. Mr. Littler met with the landscaper to discuss improvements needed behind the bench at Rosemary Drive to include sod and fencing.
  6. Mr.Littler met with Director Figel regarding the electrical meter on Switch Grass.  Met with a representative from IREA.  There are three circuit breakers, 2 have zero draw.  The usage has been extremely high according to the meter however we do not know where or what it is powering.  An electrician will come out to find the "draw" occurring in the line.

V.  Old Business

A. AR Report

The Board discussed several accounts that are in the ARR process.  We are currently up to date with our Accounts Receivable.

Director Figel presented and discussed a summary report of Accounts Receivable.  We currently have 33 accounts sent to the Attorney.

B.  Violations

Regarding violations, Mr. Littler provided the Board with a detailed community compliance report by home. 

Stage 1 - A warning letter is sent to the homeowner.
Stage 2 - A letter indicating there will be a fine if there is no compliance.
Stage 3 - A $25 fine is assessed.
Stage 4 - A $50 fine is assessed.
Stage 5 - A $100 fine is assessed.

The Board discussed several of the violations.

C.  Collections

Director Figel reported that he and Mr. Littler have successfully reconciled all accounts to determine status to date along with a complete reporting of all notices sent as required.

D.  Tree Care Proposals

Mr. Littler presented several tree care proposals for review and discussion by the Board.

E.  Electric Bills for Switch Grass Tested

Discussed earlier on the agenda

F.  Audit Progress

Discussed earlier on the agenda.

G. Commercial Vehicle Signage Discussion

It was noted by the Board that Director Van Dyken was not present and therefore this discussion should not be resolved without his input.  The Board briefly discussed the issue. 


ALandscape Extension on Red Hawk Drive Completed

Discussed earlier on the agenda.

B.  Landscape Proposals

The Board reviewed two proposals.  Mr. Littler reported that all of the trees on REd Hawk Drive on both sides - at one point all of those trees had edging around them with a rock fill, the edging was starting to cut into the tree roots.  Colorado Property Care has removed most of the edging.  The rocks are overheating the trees.  The recommendation is to do circular mulching around each of the trees.  Provides a nicer aesthetic and helps the tree to stay cool and defend from insects.


Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board unanimously approved the proposal as presented by Colorado Property Care in the amount of $4,297.20 for the purpose of doing mulching tree rings around the trees along Red Hawk Drive.

The Board agreed to table the second proposal by Colorado Property CAre until further information can be gathered.

C.  Annual Meeting 5/25/2017

Director Young reported that the seats held by Directors Goodwin, Figel and Van Dyken are up for election at the May 2017 Annual Meeting.

            I.  Proxies

            Director Young asked that the Board members assist him in obtaining proxies.

            II.  Election of Board Members

D.  Newsletter/ Annual Meeting Notice Articles

The next issue of the newsletter will include a notice about the community's garage sale and information about the upcoming Annual Meeting.


The next Board meeting is scheduled for April 27, 2017 6 pm at Village Inn Restaurant. 


Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board unanimously approved to adjourn the March 2017 Board of Directors Meeting at 8:00 pm

Respectfully Submitted by Board Director, Secretary, Lisa Goodwin




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