Red Hawk Homeowners Association
Board of Directors Executive and Regular Meetings

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Village Inn Restaurant, Castle Rock

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Roll Call, Call to Order at 6:22pm. Jim Young, Walt Figel, Ralph Jollensten,

Introduction of Guests, Open Forum – audience participation is limited to non-agenda items.  Open forum will not exceed 3 minutes in length per person or 30 minutes total.  Participant must sign-in upon arrival and complete the form if wanting time to address the Board. No guests joined the meeting thi smonth.

Minutes January 26 2017 Motion to approve the minutes –Walt Figel, Seconded by Ralph Jollensten, Motion passed unanimously.

Financial report

    January 2017 Financials, Motion to approve financials- Walt Figel, Seconded by Rsalph Jollensten, Motion passed unanimously.

Old Business:

    Arr report, Walt Figel gave the ARR report, (slow time of year, only a couple of requests).

    Violations- No new violations this month.

    Collections- Walt Figel gave an update on the collections at the attorney. Total dues $42,000.00.

    Animal Control modification approval. Motion to approve of the Animal Control Policy- Walt Figel, seconded by Ralph Jollensten, Motion passed unanimously.

    Tree care proposals, So far we have two bids for tree care, Davey Tree - $17,447.00 and Fielding Tree and shrub service - $16,350.00, Still looking for a third bid.


    Electric bills for Switch Grass tested, Irea tested the meter on Switchgrass and found it working. Still have large usage sporatically and we will ask Bob Stec to come try to diagnose the issue.

Adjournment, at 7:30pm , motion by Jum Young, seconded by Walt Figel.

Homeowners are welcome to come.  If you have a question that needs to be answered, please submit it in writing. You may also submit your question directly to Dave Littler Peak to Peak Management,  dlitteler@peaktopeakmgt.com.  Please include your name, address, phone, email information so we can better address your questions, as we have a limited amount of time. Thank you for keeping Red Hawk HOA community a positive place to live.



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