Red Hawk Homeowners Association
Board of Directors Executive and Regular Meetings

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Village Inn Restaurant, Castle Rock

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ATTENDEES: Directors Jim Young, President; Ralph Jollensten, Vice President; Lisa Goodwin, Secretary; Walt Figel, Treasurer; Mike Schroder, Director; Debra Pearson, ARR; Dave Littler, Property Manager, Peak to Peak Property Management.



MEETING AGENDA:  See attached.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: The Board of Directors did not meet in Executive Session in July.


The general meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm


There were no guests present.


Mr. Audet was present before the Board to discuss fence renewal staining. The recommendation was to use semi-transparent natural stain. Director Young stated our rules do not require the fences to be painted with a stain/color. Mr. Audet recommended providing residents with one or two choices of a colored stain. Director Young reported that none of the HOA fences have been treated at any time. All of the fences that are visible from the road are HOA owned fences. The HOA has approximately five miles of fencing in the community. The Board discussed what to do if a resident has a painted fence and we require a particular colored stain, and the option of using a matching colored stain over the painted fence.

Director Goodwin suggested we speak with a fencing contractor. Director Figel brought up the issue of harming vegetation along the fence line, what to do about dog wire fencing attached to the homeowner's side of the fence, and how to power wash fencing that is not accessible by truck. Mr. Audet stated the first re-do on the fence staining will be three years and than every five years after that. Director Shroder asked if there is a product that will cover up the painted fencing and make it look as natural as a stain. The Board asked Mr. Audet to provide a proposal.


Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board unanimously approved the July
minutes as presented.


Mr. Littler presented the July 2017 financial report.

  1. We have collected over $7,200 in late fees.
  2. Fence maintenance needs a budget.
  3. Lighting maintenance is over budget due to needed repairs.
  4. Deep root fertilization has not yet been done. The Board asked when this will be done.
  5. The water restrictions are a good opportunity to save in watering costs given the rain.

Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board approved the July 2017 Financial report as presented.

Management Report Discussion

Mr. Littler reported

  1. There were only two closings in July.
  2. Colorado Property Care alerted us that a tree that was reset and staked came loose and fell over and did not survive.
  • Old Business

ARR Report

Debra reported that one 2016 paint requirement was extended to 2017; she reported that this resident is not likely to paint their home this year. They did however partially paint and the body of the house looks okay. The Board agreed to reevaluate this home next year.

Ms. Pearson reported there are four, 2017 required paintings - of these one was given an extension and the other three have not yet submitted their ARR or started their painting.  The Board agreed that these homeowners should receive a letter the day after their deadline expires stating they have ten days to submit an ARR or the covenant enforcement process will begin to include fines applied.


Mr. Littler reported that there are several landscaping violations on hold. Several of the camper violations have closed. The home with extensive landscaping violations on Marsh Hawk Circle has addressed several of the violations issued, but there is still more work to be done. The home on Jute Lane with several violations has not yet addressed the majority of their violations to include landscaping issues. Collections

Director Figel reported that we have received payment for several accounts. All accounts that are over $500.00 have been sent to the attorney. The Board reviewed the A/R aging summary.

Water Restrictions

Already discussed previously on the agenda


Grasses at Prairie Hawk Monuments

Discussed earlier on the agenda

Pine Trees at Utility Boxes on Red Hawk

Discussed earlier on the agenda

Pet Station Move

The pet station that is going to be moved is located on the trail behind the homes on Harpy Court and will be moved over to Filing 2. The pet station will be moved next week. The Board discussed getting a "capacity" study from the pet removal contractor.

Guideline Changes

Director Figel provided a handout regarding a series of proposed changes to the HOA guidelines. The Board reviewed and discussed the items presented. Once the Board has approved the changes they will then go out for public comment to the community prior to final ratification.

Additional Discussion Items

Director Schroder reported that behind his home there are two crossings that have culverts underneath. One of them is undermined and needs maintenance. Director Young replied that area is owned by the Town of Castle Rock and he will make the request to the Town for repair.


The next Board meeting is scheduled for September , 2017 6 pm at Village Inn Restaurant.


Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board unanimously approved to adjourn the August 2017 Board of Directors Meeting at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by Board Director, Secretary, Lisa Goodwin

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