Red Hawk Homeowners Association
Board of Directors Executive and Regular Meetings

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Village Inn Restaurant, Castle Rock

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ATTENDEES: Directors Jim Young, President; Ralph Jollensten, Vice President; Lisa Goodwin, Secretary; Don Van Dyken, Member at Large; Walt Figel, Reserve Fund Investment Committee Chair. Debra Pearson, Architectural Committee Chair. Dave Littler, Property Manager, Peak to Peak Property Management.


EXCUSED: Director Mike Mastrodonato, Treasurer. Regis Hoffman, Landscape Commitee Chair.

MEETING AGENDA: See attached.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: The Board of Directors met in Executive Session on June 17, 2016 and discussed legal and administrative issues.


The general meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm


No guests or residents appeared to be heard before the Board.


Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board approved the April 2016 Board of Director meeting minutes with corrections as noted.

Director Goodwin made a request to receive the minutes several days before the Board meeting. Mr. Littler agreed to provide the minutes in advance beginning next month.


May 31, 2016 Financial Report

Mr. Littler presented the May financial report.

  1. The website maintenance expense included the annual cost for the domain, the site hosting, and all of the mailboxes.
  2. The Board discussed the snow plowing activity and the contractor's use of a front loader and possible damage to the grassy areas bordering the sidewalks.

Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board approved the April 2016 Financial report as presented.

Reserve fund transfer for Colorado Property Care and American Design Work,$29,939.52

Director Young discussed the recently completed landscaping improvements done throughout the community. Mr. Littler reported the invoices have been received and the corresponding funds need to be transferred from Reserve Funding into Operating Capital

Old Business

Irrigation Repair Pieces

The Board discussed the current efforts to complete repairs to the irrigation system. Mr. Littler reported the contractor will leave old irrigation parts behind the main monument on Red Hawk Drive for review and/or disposal by the Board.

Thatch South Fencing Issues Update

Mr. Littler reported we have completed some of the fencing for this area.

Benches on Red Hawk Order

Mr. Littler presented the quote in the Board packet for new benches to be placed near the walking trails. The Board discussed buying one picnic table and three benches. The Board agreed to install three, 6' benches and one 8' picnic table for a cost of approximately $2,100.00.

Pocket Park Table Order

The Board agreed to place the order for the Pocket Park Table. There was no further discussion on this issue.

Xeriscape non irrigated update

Mr. Littler reported the project was completed.

ARR and Violations

Director Young reported a Homeowner that has been in the enforcement process for several months has not completed the required repairs and maintenance to their home. The body of the home has been painted but the trim has not been completed and there is additional landscaping maintenance to be done. The Board discussed assessing the

homeowner a fine. The Board agreed to have the attorney to send the homeowner a letter assessing a fine and setting a date for completion.

Director Young stated the Board discussed in Executive Session receiving a summary of the violations. Mr. Littler presented the Violation Activity Report in the Board packet. Director Goodwin requested that the violation activity report include dates for the enforcement process.

Ms. Pearson presented a report regarding the homes that are in the enforcement process for exterior painting.

Director Young requested that all of the Board members have access to the covenant enforcement reports through the online system.

D&O Coverage Policy

Mr. Littler reported the D&O policy covers all directors, officers and committee members by title as approved through motion and documented in the Board minutes.

Rain Sensor vs. Solar Sync Sensor

Mr. Littler discussed with the Board how the rain sensors operate in relation to the weather conditions. Mr. Littler reported the Solar Sync system does not require adjustment based on seasonal weather conditions but it is a more expensive system than the rain sensor system. Mr. Littler reported it is approximately $400.00 per controller and will reduce water usage by close to 20% however it will require regular oversight.

Pet Station Increase in Frequency

The Board discussed how to determine which stations are being filled more frequently and if more stations are needed. Mr. Littler responded that the Contractor can tell us which stations are getting the most use. The Board agreed to have the heavier stations emptied more frequently.

SmartWebs Report Choices

This item was discussed earlier on the agenda.

Management Contract 2016-17

The Board discussed the management contract with Peak to Peak Property Management. A copy of the new contract was included in the Board packet.

MOTION: Upon Motion duly made and seconded, the Board approved the management contract as presented to continue with Peak to Peak Property Management as the Association's property management company.

Director Goodwin abstained due to having only been on the Board for one month's time and not having been a part of the review and negotiation process for the selected contractor's property management service.

Parking, Number of Cars, Commercial Vehicle Definition.

Mr. Van Dyken presented before the Board a review of the current HOA guidelines and the relationship to covenant enforcement of the repeated parking of commercial vehicles within the community. Director Young reported he discussed this issue with the HOA's attorney and determined that any vehicle with commercial signage is considered a commercial vehicle. Mr. Van Dyken requested that our attorney draft the language of the resolution to amend the HOA's Design Guidelines. The Board agreed to work with the HOA's attorney to determine the appropriate language and discussed placing the draft resolution onto the Red Hawk Community's website for resident review and feedback.

Flowers at Monuments, Purchase, Install, etc.

Mr. Figel reported that he found a landscaper to complete the flowers at the monuments
- including the purchase and installation. Mr. Figel reported we are only doing one planting for this year. A complete detailed plan will be developed and used each year going forward.

Mr. Figel presented additional agenda items for discussion by the Board.

  1. Mr. Figel reported he met with our reserve study representative on June 20 to review the reserve study.
  2. Mr. Figel reported he reviewed the orange fencing that was placed around the abandoned home near Wolfensberger on Red Hawk Drive; however some of the fencing has been placed on HOA property. Mr. Figel reported he spoke with the contractor to remove that part of fencing. The developer is Rivers Development.

Director Jollensten presented to the Board the idea of approaching Rivers Development to offer taking the property behind the development, a dry river bed in a natural state, for a fee. Director Young stated he would research this further and report back to the Board.

MOTION: Upon Motion duly made and seconded, the Board unanimously approved the temporary appoint of Walt Figel as Acting Treasurer until such time as a permanent replacement can be found.IMPORTANT MEETING DATES

Next Board meeting is July 28, 2016, 6 pm at Village Inn Restaurant.


Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board unanimously approved to adjourn the June Board of Directors Meeting at 8:11 pm

Respectfully Submitted by Board Director, Secretary, Lisa Goodwin.



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