Red Hawk Homeowners Association
Board of Directors Executive and Regular Meetings

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Village Inn Restaurant, Castle Rock

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ATTENDEES: Directors Jim Young, President; Ralph Jollensten, Vice President; Lisa Goodwin, Secretary; Don Van Dyken, Member at Large; Walt Figel, Reserve Fund Investment Committee Chair. Debra Pearson, Architectural Committee Chair. Dave Littler, Property Manager, Peak to Peak Property Management. Resident Gonzalez


EXCUSED: Director Mike Mastrodonato, Treasurer. Regis Hoffman, Landscape Commitee Chair.

MEETING AGENDA: See attached.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: The Board of Directors did not meet in executive session during the month of August.


The general meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm


Resident Patrick Gonzalez 1690 Wild Rye Court was present before the Board to ask about paint requirements for his home. Mr.Gonzalez submitted an ARR for a new roof and to paint his home.


Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board approved the July 2016 Board of Director meeting minutes as presented.


Mr. Littler presented the July financial report.

  1. The board discussed accounting entries for certain expense items that are double entered in order in two separate expense accounts in order to show payment and expense.
  2. Water expense is running a negative variance to budget.

The Board discussed adding another GL line item for investment taxes paid. Mr. Figel pointed out that the reserve account balance on the balance sheet is an incorrect amount and needs to be adjusted.


Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board approved the July 2016 Financial report with the change as noted on the Balance Sheet. Old Business

  1. ARR Report

Ms. Pearson provided a summary of the ARR report and indicated there are 70 new ARR requests. Ms. Pearson reported there were 17 letters that went out regarding paint compliance.

Mr. Gonzalez recommended that the ARR form provide the resident with an email address in order to notify the property manager that the project is completed.


Mr. Figel asked Mr. Littler regarding specific violations that have been sent to the Attorney.

The Board discussed escalating the fines for a homeowner on Surlyn Court that has not yet come into compliance.


Upon Motion duly made and seconded the Board unanimously agreed to escalate the fines for a homeowner on Surlyn Court to $100.00 every two week and turn this issue over to the Attorney for further assistance in compliance.


Upon Motion duly made and seconded the Board unanimously agreed to escalate the fines for a homeowner on Marsh Hawk to $100.00 every two weeks and to turn this issue over to the Attorney for further assistance in compliance.

Director Van Dyken abstained from voting as matter of conflict of interest

Director Van Dyken reported that he would make a list of homes in the community that are not compliant with the community's landscape requirements regarding a percentage of landscaping allowed for xeriscaping.

The Board discussed the wedge shaped section of open space located on Switch Grass. A resident called to report that the area needs mowing and that someone has dumped trash in the area. Mr. Littler reported he visited the area and there was only a small amount of concrete dumped there. The Board requested Mr. Littler have the concrete removed. The Board discussed this area should be slated for landscape improvements going forward. Red Hawk Drive Bike Lane Issue

Director Young reported he sent a letter to the Town of Castle Rock Manager, Bob Gobel, regarding this issue.  Director Young reported this section of road is considered a minor collector type of roadway and therefore parking alongside the roadway is not allowed. Mr. Gobel's assistant reported that when the apartments are completed they would stripe the bike lane and not allow parking on that side of the road. However, the other side of the road would still allow parking. Director Young reported he would follow up with Mr. Gobel.

The Board discussed the HOA policy regarding the painting or staining of fences.


A. Trail Head Renovation at Bent Grass Circle

Mr. Figel provided a quote for trail head renovation at the mailbox on Bent Grass Circle.

B. New Pocket Park Location off of Red Hawk Drive

Mr. Figel provided a quote and a diagram of the area and reported that there are significant advantages to renovating this area as it adds aesthetic improvement to the community and it improves the conditions for 6 homeowners bordering the area by reducing weeds and improving property values. Mr. Figel added that maintenance of this area will be easy to keep up as there is xeriscaping mixed with the landscaping. Drip lines will be added to support the existing trees. Mr. Littler stated we would need to request a budget increase in water usage from the Town of Castle Rock.

Mr. Figel recommended that we utilize reserve funds to do the mail box area on Bent Grass Circle and the pocket park project this year and defer the Switch Grass project to next year.


Upon motion duly made and presented the Board unanimously agreed to approve the expenditure of $22,433.90 from Reserve Funding to install a pocket park improvement area on the west side of Red Hawk Drive and below the bridge, and the expenditure of $5,492.71 from operating cash to renovate and landscape the trail head at Bent Grass Circle and Rough Court.Additional Item(s) Presented for Discussion

Director Van Dyken reported regarding the parking of commercial vehicles in our residential community. Director Van Dyken reported that according to the Federal Department of Transportation, a 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton truck if it attaches a trailer to the back at a certain minimum gross weight (as indicated in the regulation) that truck automatically becomes a commercial vehicle.

The Board agreed to consider and research this issue further. Director Young and Director Van Dyken stated they would look into options including requesting a special dispensation from the Town of Castle Rock to provide our own enforcement for parking on the roadway.

Director Young reported we will have a new Town Councilman for our district, Jason Bower; Director Young reported he discussed the parking issue Mr. Bower.

Ms. Pearson reported on an issue regarding a home on Cooper Court where the homeowner has been required to improve his landscaping conditions. A landscaping plan was presented for approval to the HOA. The Board discussed the Homeowner's plan. The Board stated that the Homeowner is required to plant three trees that are 2 1/2" or greater in caliper, and the rest of the plan as amended by the Homeowner is acceptable.


The next Board meeting is scheduled for September 22, 2016, 6 pm at Village Inn Restaurant.


Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board unanimously approved to adjourn the August Board of Directors Meeting at 8:30 pm

Respectfully Submitted by Board Director, Secretary, Lisa Goodwin.




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