Red Hawk Homeowners Association, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
March 26, 2015

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Village Inn Castle Rock, CO

Attendance:  Ralph Jollensten, Walt Figel, Al Pearson, Jim Young, Hannah Golden, and committee members Diane Hannigan and Frank Lehyto, as well as manager, Dave Littler.

Meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m., by President Ralph Jollensten.

Jim introduced homeowner, Mike Mastrodonato, a new homeowner who was on previous HOA boards.  Mike is appealing to the Board for a position on the Board.  He took some time to give his background.  The Board will take his application into consideration.

MINUTES:  Walt suggested editing the 5th and 10th 14th paragraphs of the minutes.  Jim motioned that the minutes be accepted with Walt's proposed changes.  The motion carried with all in favor.

FINANCIALS:  Board asks that Dave look into the categorization of 4015 Discounted Assessments; may need to show a $2,000 payment to bad debt instead regarding a resident overdue fines and fees incurred that were paid.  Hannah motioned, Jim seconded, and the motion carried, all in favor.


OLD BUSINESS:  Bids from Colorado Property care for new flower beds at Rosemary Dr. and Sapling Ct. The Board has determined that the bids appear to be too high, therefore we will table the discussion until additional bids can be acquired.  Walt motioned the discussion be tabled, Hannah seconded and Jim third.

American Design and Landscape-proposed bid for Prairie Grass monument.  The design and bid was discussed.  Jim motioned that we accept the American Design and Landscape bid, with the condition that the bid will not exceed the current bid.  Hannah Seconded, the motion carried with 4 in favor, Ralph opposed.

Flower redesign problem:  Wilma has agreed for 2015, to design the annual flower beds for Red Hawk.  Furthermore, she will instruct the Garden Club on how to maintain the flowers.  The flowers will be installed commercially, but if Al Pearson can purchase them at wholesale, then the Board would like him to do so.

PAINT EVALUATIONS:  Will be all done by the end of the month.

BACK OF THE MONUMENTS:  Need to be painted; Walt has the paint already.

NEWSLETTER:  Deadline is April 10th.  (No sooner than)


Garage Sale-to be held May 1st and 2nd.

Mailboxes-If we want to paint the bases of the mailboxes, the postal service said that is okay.

Doggy Stations need to be addressed.

April working meeting scheduled for April 14th.

9:13 p.m., meeting adjourned by Ralph Jollensten.

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