Red Hawk Homeowners Association, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
June 25, 2015
Village Inn

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Attendance:  Hannah Golden, Jim Young, Al Pearson, Dave Littler, James Torrez, (Ralph Jollensten has given a signed proxy for Jim to vote on his behalf), Mike Mastrodenato and Regis Hoffman.

Call to order by president Jim Young at 6:00 p.m.

Al moved to accept the financials, Hannah seconded and all were in favor.

Jim moved to transfer money from reserves to pay for the last part of the Switch Grass monument improvement.  Al seconded and all were in favor.

Old business:  Paint violations and ARRs were discussed, and Hannah is going to inspect many of the ARRs and provide Dave with updates.

Pocket park bench is assembled.  Mark is going to meet with Dave to discuss anchoring the table to the ground.

New Business:  Jim moved that the Board approve the new officers:  Jim Young President, Al Young member at large, Hannah Golden secretary, Ralph Jollensten vice president, Mike Mastrodenato treasurer.  Al seconded and all were in favor.

Because Frank can no longer move forward as the landscape committee chair, he has recommended Regis Hoffman to fill in his role.  Jim moved that we appoint Regis Hoffman to Frank's position, Mike seconded, and all were in favor.

1688 Marsh Hawk Dr-resident's property was recently flooded by heavy rainfall.  The resident has put the HOA "on notice" for the flooding, and Jim and Dave have been speaking to the lawyer and an engineer to learn if a) is the HOA responsible for the flooding and b) should the HOA spend money to rectify the situation and avoid any future flooding for the homeowner and his neighbors?  Jim moved to spend $3,500 to have a topographic survey and develop alternative drainage improvement concepts, if it is determined that the homeowner has not altered his original drainage plan.  Hannah seconded and all were in favor.

Jim motions to appoint Cindy Masterdenato as Red Hawk's DERA respresentative.  Hannah motioned and all were in favor.

Meeting was adjourned by Jim Young at 8:10 pm.


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