Articles of Incorporation 2014 3300k pdf
Bylaws 2014 4000k pdf
Design Guidlines
Design Guidelines rev112017 387k pdf
Approved Color Schemes rev1015 4800k pdf
These color schemes are for reference only. Actual colors must be chosen from the Approved HOA Color Book at the Sherwin Williams Castle Rock Store.
Paint Guidelines rev072414 287k pdf

Xeriscape Guidelines 1114 478k pdf

Policies and Procedures
Adoption and Amendment of Policies, Procedures, and Rules 66k pdf
Changing the Color Palette 111k pdf
Collection of Unpaid Assessments 372k pdf
Conduct of Meetings 225k pdf
Conflicting Interest Transactions 119k pdf

Conduct of the Reserve Study 82k pdf

Control of All Domestic Animals 372k pdf
Documentation Binder 102k pdf
Enforcement of Covenants and Rules 188k pdf
Inspection and Copying of Association Records 152k pdf
Investment of Reserve Funds 115k pdf
Leasing or Renting a Unit 127k pdf

Renewable Energy Generation Devices and Energy Efficient Measures
66k pdf

Authorization Agreement for Direct Payments 274k pdf
Annual Disclosure Statements
2017 Disclosure Statement 55 k pdf
Architectural Request
Architectural Request Home Improvement form rev 080114 176k pdf
Insurance Certificate 2017 91k pdf
Homeowner Information Questionnaire 242k pdf
2016 Reserve Study Update 547K pdf
2014 Reserve Study Update 311K pdf

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